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TOP 100 Played time players, which was active at last 5days.(refreshing every 2hours)
1)Westside 27d 16h 19m    Online
2)Cyka 23d 21h 13m    Online
3)Sonydeath 23d 16h 19m    Offline
4)Ferrum 20d 12h 3m    Offline
5)Masacrus 19d 12h 11m    Offline
6)Lolno 19d 8h 11m    Online
7)Edal 19d 4h 42m    Online
8)Shibek 18d 8h 44m    Online
9)Oak 18d 5h 12m    Offline
10)Marel 18d 3h 18m    Online
11)Arinka 18d 0h 57m    Online
12)Olaff 17d 23h 35m    Online
13)Jimy 17d 22h 13m    Offline
14)Gria 17d 19h 20m    Offline
15)Swat 17d 16h 40m    Offline
16)Corrita 17d 12h 45m    Online
17)Sticks 17d 8h 58m    Online
18)Medwidek 17d 6h 45m    Online
19)Intera 17d 6h 4m    Online
20)Matham 17d 4h 36m    Online
21)Ewok 17d 4h 3m    Online
22)Lucrytwo 17d 3h 59m    Offline
23)Jee 16d 23h 14m    Offline
24)Chardonnay 16d 22h 43m    Offline
25)Bravehearth 16d 22h 6m    Offline
26)Fear 16d 20h 12m    Offline
27)Huzzin 16d 15h 0m    Online
28)Xerdas 16d 14h 13m    Online
29)Onethree 16d 12h 25m    Offline
30)Xrezzak 16d 8h 25m    Offline
31)Wlkodav 16d 4h 45m    Offline
32)Ursa 16d 4h 36m    Online
33)Enerhy 16d 2h 40m    Online
34)Kunnka 16d 1h 25m    Online
35)Kunkka 15d 21h 32m    Online
36)Raxi 15d 21h 11m    Offline
37)Psychosham 15d 15h 49m    Offline
38)Benjamin 15d 15h 48m    Online
39)Lolgo 15d 15h 38m    Online
40)Eyesonfire 15d 14h 52m    Online
41)Darkness 15d 6h 8m    Online
42)Vnuchok 15d 5h 56m    Offline
43)Porrah 15d 5h 49m    Offline
44)Enterprise 15d 5h 38m    Online
45)Draxler 15d 5h 19m    Offline
46)Sandor 15d 5h 12m    Online
47)Huskar 15d 5h 5m    Online
48)Omegalul 15d 4h 56m    Online
49)Camaro 15d 4h 15m    Online
50)Sham 15d 1h 46m    Offline
51)Shock 14d 21h 24m    Offline
52)Acanthas 14d 19h 9m    Offline
53)Arthemisia 14d 18h 55m    Offline
54)Airwi 14d 18h 31m    Offline
55)Scarlxrd 14d 17h 20m    Offline
56)Carllos 14d 16h 42m    Offline
57)Strong 14d 15h 56m    Online
58)Theon 14d 9h 57m    Online
59)Racek 14d 8h 59m    Online
60)Arliand 14d 8h 36m    Online
61)Audidr 14d 8h 21m    Offline
62)Krieg 14d 7h 55m    Online
63)Svgrus 14d 7h 14m    Offline
64)Zandalato 14d 6h 36m    Offline
65)Addo 14d 0h 24m    Offline
66)Unnamedka 13d 22h 14m    Online
67)Lolyes 13d 22h 10m    Online
68)Endy 13d 16h 58m    Offline
69)Rexha 13d 16h 18m    Offline
70)Leavemaster 13d 16h 15m    Offline
71)Bloodywarr 13d 16h 9m    Offline
72)Ballz 13d 16h 6m    Online
73)Bloodysham 13d 16h 5m    Offline
74)Scorpiones 13d 15h 58m    Offline
75)Quertys 13d 13h 34m    Offline
76)Heroism 13d 9h 29m    Offline
77)Takeiteasy 13d 6h 43m    Offline
78)Bloodyshamm 13d 6h 17m    Offline
79)Freestyler 13d 4h 22m    Online
80)Oussamakafon 13d 4h 11m    Offline
81)Samet 12d 23h 45m    Offline
82)Dmg 12d 22h 58m    Online
83)Dykvona 12d 22h 17m    Online
84)Anatoli 12d 18h 6m    Online
85)Bloodyhunt 12d 16h 1m    Offline
86)Kellys 12d 15h 18m    Online
87)Druidx 12d 14h 57m    Online
88)Ennysek 12d 14h 22m    Offline
89)Ach 12d 13h 8m    Offline
90)Onan 12d 10h 54m    Offline
91)Bloodypala 12d 9h 24m    Offline
92)Mortalwarr 12d 8h 52m    Offline
93)Bloodypriest 12d 7h 6m    Offline
94)Art 12d 7h 1m    Offline
95)Matriix 12d 5h 59m    Online
96)Smuzzi 12d 5h 42m    Offline
97)Amer 12d 5h 28m    Offline
98)Ardea 12d 5h 4m    Offline
99)Sixsense 12d 4h 14m    Offline
100)Fakelool 12d 4h 8m    Online
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