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Class changes (in last weeks)

- Envenom reduced damage -15%
- Spell penetration +51 added to chests
- Crusader Strike - Reduced damage -10%
- Holy Shock - increased damage +50%
- Judgement of Crusader - increased spell damage +200%
- Holy Shield - increased damage +150%
- Holy paladin increased dmg with one hands +10%
- Reduced ranged haste -100
- Reduced damage -5%
- Tremor totem - Added 3sec cooldown for casting
- Enha reduced melee haste -100
- Reduced damage on off hand weapons
- Added new off hand weapons for BattleGrounds.
- Increased spell haste +100 (on P6,P7,Arena top, Battle top shoulders)
- Curse of Doom increased damage +50%
- Death Coil increased damage +75%
- Drain of Life duration increased +50% and damage +25%
- Drain Soul dmg tick change from 3sec to 2sec
- Siphon Life tick from 3sec to 2sec.
- Bash reduced duration -2sec.
- Reduced haste rating -100
- Shadow priest increased physical dmg reduction +10%
- Shadow priest -5% shadow spell dmg(in shadowform),
- Shadow priest blackout stun changed from 3sec to 2sec.
- Shadow priest Mind Blast new CD time.
- Frost nova CD +1s, Frost nova duration from 6sec to 4sec. Dragons Breath from 3sec to 2sec.
- On feral chests added increase of Stealth (+Equip: Increases your effective stealth level.)

- Other smaller changes are edited every day (for example item stats balancing)


Server after wipe :-)
- We did a lot of changes, fixes and completely wipe of all accounts and characters... for last 14days there was success, when we hold average count of players in rush hours more than 400, it seems that wipe revived server

List of main changes and fixes in server
1) Gold drops - Added gold drop to all creatures and bosses in all dungeons, in badge zone increased receiving of golds for selling Badge too.
2) Edited prices of all meta gems and Tuned arena items for gold.
3) Reduced count of metagems (deleted metagem slots from necks/amulets) - Required delete CACHE (folder WoW/WDB)
4) Server crashes - Fixed a lot of errors and crashes created by players, some players on our server have edited wow client with some patches which sending fake data to server, for that our server crashed in 90% of cases in first days after wipe about 10x crash/day, this is now fixed. Some crashes created by boss scripts, it was fixed in some bosses too. Server get a lot of ddos and other attacks, we still working on security of our project.
5) Class změny:
Paladin - Seal of Command and Judgement of Command was repeatly increased to usable values, now is this spell usable in pvp for retribution paladins
Paladin - Hammer of Wrath - Increased damage +20% to this spell, it was too low for PvP.
Paladin - Crusader Strike - Increased damage +50%, this spell was realy too low for retribution paladins.
Priest - Spell haste was reduced -200, changed some item stats, which was very op versus another class sets.
Hunter - Arcane Shot - Reduced damage -30% because in PvP this spell was still overpowered.
6) HealthPoints - All hp of players edited on all bags, little lowered -50k hp.
7) Spell hit chance - Edited more than 200 items which had high stats on avoidances
8) Changed prices of all VIP items, we dont need all players as VIP.
9) Core - Added about 30 commits which fixed some bugs, errors and other prevencies, sometimes added some preventions of spam too.
10) Mining Zone - Added veins for skill 300.
11) Dungeon Krabator - Reduced damage, health points and other changes for easier way to kill all in dungeon.
12) Fixed macro bug, which spams server, about 30players used that for getting golds, all these players get remove all golds and macro was fixed.
... A lot of smaller changes or other item editations was changed but it was not high changes... which is not needed write here..

Added new POLL about class change of shaman class on our Facebook: Psychofun 2.4.3


WIPE 01.11.2019 - Wipe will take place around 17:00 on Friday.

Although the vote is currently balanced, part of the votes attempting to stop the wipe is not valid (fake accounts on fb) etc.

Anyway, the votes for wipe were now much more than years ago, when it also was a vote.

The wipe server benefits for many reasons:
- database load reduction (currently about 8gb, after wipe can be estimated below 500mb)
- deleting all characters will release lots of names, nicknames and nicknames
- deleting game accounts also removes problems with unsolved or misresolved theft, punishments, bugs, support from ancient times or other
- we expect the return of old school players
- increasing the number of raids in PvE and BG
- greater server balance since all players start from the beginning
- unfortunately we can again expect futile attempts of players to bug arenas, pvp marks, battlegrounds and other attempts, which thanks to logos we solve backwards, delete / permanent ban, etc.

Used Google Translate... :D


All arena teams have been deleted, now all teams will start from rating 1500
Arena points will stay on chars without changes.
All accounts, IP addresses and characters which have ban for arena bugging have been UNBANNED

End of next Arena Season will be 01.01.2020 :-)


- ALL banned players are unbanned - meaning all ( STEALERS unbanned too ...), i dont like stealers, but 90% of our players have ban for any steal, arena bug etc. .. - unbanned more than 1200 accounts, ALL IPs unbanned too

REBORN - actualy we started work on server again, GM team returning back, admin team working too, players coming back :)


WoW TBC PsychoFun Repack HD mode version 2.0

TORRENT HERE: WoW 2.4.3 PsychoFun HD 2.0.torrent
News in HD mode
- added new textures and anims of mounts
- added new textures and anims of druid shapeshift forms
- added new textures and anims of Warlock pets, some spells and mounts

Novinky a změny
- Hunter - Arcane Shot lowered -30% dmg.
- Rogue - Envenom lowered -30% dmg.
- Core changes - fixes some freezing bugs and cosmetic fails
- Antivulgar - fixed some bugs, added new preventions and optimized script for reduce performance impacts
- Passive Anticheat - Edited some limits for avoid bugs in some places in bg,dungeons and arenas.
- Reclass Item function - Added 40 missing items and some RARE items for reclass function.


WoW TBC PsychoFun Repack HD mode
- Repack created for our players, you can download and extract, after you can play
- In this repack are added patches with edited client for run with design from Legion and other patches
- In mode are edited: Character visuals, creatures, npcs, HD textures of maps and objects, FOV same as on higher WoW patches.
- Links for download:
- Uloz.to: Part 1 and Part 2 (You can download both parts at one time without premium)

TORRENT HERE: WoW 2.4.3 PsychoFun HD.torrent

Fix FPS - For fix of fps need delete WoW/WTF/Config.wtf - It will reset graphics settings and set optimal settings for your PC.
If someone cant run that with WoW HD.exe try download this starting app Startup file


All arena teams have been deleted, now all teams will start from rating 1500
Arena points will stay on chars without changes.
All accounts, IP addresses and characters which have ban for arena bugging have been UNBANNED

End of next Arena Season will be 01.01.2020 :-)

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 78
  • Aliance: 15
  • Horde: 63
  • Uptime: 0d 8h 58m
  • Arena flush: 0d 19h 2m

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