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or who used domain, nothing needs to change



Unbans of IP addresses
Unbanned 126 IP addresses from banlist. Players can log back to game, but account bans will be still active.


- CrossBG edited count of players and balancing teamcounts in BG, added more checks for better calculate
- Fixed bug of spell cast while stuned/feared etc.
- Fixed bug of autoattack after fear and simillar spells
- Frostband Weapon reduced -30% damage
- reduced little spell damage
- increased spell haste +40 - +50 on P2-P4 items
- reduced spell haste -50 on P5 and better gears
- Tremor,Stoneskin and Windwall Totems changed cooldown for cast from 2sec to 5sec (for reduce spam of this spell in pvp)
- Stoneskin and Windwall totems lowered -20% reduction
- Enha shaman increased damage +5%
- reduced spell haste -30 on P5 and better gears
- reduced little spell damage, P5+ items lowered intelect (on full eq char reduced intelect max. -30)
- Chill effects reduced duration -0,5sec
- Lowered damage -3% on Fireball, Frostbolt and Pyroblast spells
- returned spell Reckoning with only 2x extra attack and only 5% proc. chance
- reduced 2H Weapon damage -3%
- reduced 1H Weapon damage -3%
- reduced strength -2000 on retribution paladins P5 and better gear
- added prevention on Intimidating shout (fear) - now damage will break this fear
- all warlock pets increased stamina +20%
- all warlock pets increased intelect +15%
- Imp damage, Shield and Blood Pact increased +30%
- spell Health Funnel increased heal +100%
- talent Celestial Focus chance from 15% for stun lowered to 10% to stun players by Starfire
- on website removed function for get Skype status(actually not supported by microsoft, which is new owner of skype...)
- website protection increased, reduced spam of robots and other browsing spams, it may reduce latency and performance consuming by webserver
- edited passive anticheat for some preventions of bugs
- added new preventions for avoid of spam on facebook pages and ingame
- edited MTU from 1500 to 500 (server will work with smaller packets) it will increase loading speed of webpages +5% but lower latency ingame :-) edited networking and reduced latency of network
- item Gold Pack deleted Quest Abyssal Crest for getting golds for free, removed from drop in npc Jindo Hexxer and Bloodlord Mandokir where was 99% drop chance and very low hp of npc
- item Combat Warp Slicer reduced strength and damage
- added SELL Event Cloak spell level 2 and melee for 75xEM
- reduced haste -4 on all bags (4xbag = -16 spell, melee and ranged haste)
- Ali+Horde kings increased dmg of auras, added some guards + added berseker for bosses out of their circle place


Server changes
Players voted for new shop zone on our forum, winning place is our the best old Desolace city.
We moved all offline players and their homebinds to shop zone in Desolace.
Benefits in new shop
- Opened race change transfer from Aliance to Horde side, which have been blocked for a long time, because separate fractions in 2 cities must be balanced, now are both sides in one city
- For opened race change have been edited some PvP zones, for example Gurubashi arena (normally can horde attack horde player only in Battle ring in Gurubashi), now can attack everyone in place near of circle too
- Because all players are in one shop, we had to change Aliance and Horde kings and Transmogrification
- Spawned about 5O new Winter Dwarfs for quests in shop and out of shop city Desolace
- Kraken have been moved out of city into sea
- NEW creature in sea dropping 2-4 Illidary Marks named Hammerhead Shark and spawned some Piranha
Aliance and Horde Kings
- Kings and their guards moved to NEW dungeon Hellfire Ramparts
- Drops have been edited for ali and horde side in one raid, now players can attack both bosses and drop only items for their mixed fraction
- Ultra Quests from Kings moved to Questgiver named King Kong in Desolace
- Bravery Quests from Kings (Bravery 12-14) moved to object ,,blue crystal" named Bravery Quests which taking all other Bravery Quests in shopzone
- Crown Quests from Kings moved to NEW Questgiver named Preceptor of Kings which stay in front of Ramparts dungeon
- Created NEW Transmogrification Zone only for some time, in future we will move Transmog zone to nicer place
- To Transmog zone you can teleport by teleporter using Teleporter>Crazy Zones>Transmogrification zone
Class changes
Shaman - Talent Lighting Overload lowered chance from 15% to 12% for extra dmg
Shaman - Intelect lowered -100 on all totems.
Druid - Changed Entangling roots to 6sec stun, damage tick change from 1x/3sec changed to 1x/2sec
Druid - Reduced spell damage -3% on Starfire and other damage spells
Druid - Reduced healing -3% for balance of PvP
Another changes
- Lord Kazzak moved to P2 dungeons in teleporter, changed some item names from his drop
- Fixed some bad names of creatures and NPCs
- Fixed 2 crashes of server (guid overflow and another problems in database)
- Changed unstuck function in VIP manager, now will teleport players to Desolace shops


First Aid changes
- Added new NPC First aid bandages - selling increased Bandages for our high rate stats
- Heavy Runecloth bandage - 750k heal in 3sec (250k/0,8sec)
- Runecloth bandage - 850k heal in 4sec (170k/0,8sec)
- Silk bandage - 1000k heal in 5sec (500k/2,5sec)
- Netherweave bandage - 1200k heal in 6sec (300k/1,5sec)
Class changes
- Paladin - improved spell Seal of Righteousness +5% damage
Server fixes
- fixed 3 bugs which starting crash of server core
- updated database server to latest version
- operating system updated to latest version, server applications(webserver, database server..),compile libraries updated to latest versions too
- fixed bug in PvP (not attackable opponent characters)
- fixed bug of moving char (avoid of 11 chars on account, with 10+ chars on acc cant log in to account, because getting game client crash)
- AntiSpam system (Antivulgar, antiAds) - updated list of vulgar words, updated list of ads, added log of muted players
- Shirrak the Dead Watcher - fixed bug versus melee class with shield
- Torment of Worgen - Buff from Karazhan dungeon edited, now this spell not using player spell damage, for all class will took 2000 damage/proc
Database cleanup and optimizations
- cleaned database from non-required datas
- reduced storage size and memory usage of database server (changing database structure and data types)
GM Team changes
- Level up 5 for GM Valith.
- Level up 5 for GM Justness
- Level up 7 for GM Glacius
- Level up 10 for GM Lilly
- banned about 60 players for arena bugging, these all banned players get delete of all arena points, remove of arena teams and bans on acc until next Unbanning (for example on Xmas :-D)


Arena points will stay on chars without changes.
End of next Arena Season will be 01.01.2019 :-)

End of XMAS 2017
All Xmas Elemental weapons will be removed after next server restart.
Over Xmas days we gave more than 1034xXmas Gifts to active or lucky players.


Changes and rewards
- in xmas month we took to players more than 250x Xmas Gifts, where players can randomly win any rewards
- because a lot of players using threats, vulgarity etc. on public channels such as LFG,World,Raid ... we applied antivulgar filters which taking to bad players mute, we updated list of vulgar words and increased mute from 3min to 500min


Web fixes
- section ACC BanCheckeru fixed, broken searching of accounts fixed with special symbols (.,-_ etc.)
- removed some old scripts on web pages, which actualy not used >> increased speed of website and reduced server load


- unbanned 49 IP bans
- unbanned 150+ accounts (for cheats, arena bugs and other)
(bans for steals will not get unban - never unban)


New items and itemChanges
RARE items
New rings RARE Grizzly Spell Ring and RARE Grizzly Melee Ring - dungeon ZOO
New bag RARE Arena Bag - from Lucky Arena Boxes
New tabard RARE Arena Tabard - from Lucky Arena Boxes
New rings RARE Arena Spell Ring and RARE Arena Melee Ring - from Lucky Arena Boxes
New cloaks RARE Arena Spell Cloak and RARE Arena Melee Cloak - from Lucky Arena Boxes
New shirts RARE Arena Spell Shirt and RARE Arena Melee Shirt - from Lucky Arena Boxes
- actual change for drop RARE items from Lucky boxes is now 1:333, chance for RARE Arena drops increased from 0,03%/item and 0,05%/item.
Other changes
Added to game more Scorpions which are full of gold, now spawned 35 scorpions.
Item Lionheart Executioner - removed requirements for usage(for transmog)


News and changes
Xmas coming, once again as every year you can expect benefits to PvP and PvE, most of you already know that Santa will come to the shop zones and will took to all players his gifts, he will took Xmas Elemental weapons, players will be awarded for the Xmas Ele Necks by events and they will have chance to win Xmas RARE.
Before every Xmas days we unbanning all players, which have ban for: cheats, hacks, bugs, urážky, spams, provocations, threats, vulgarity and other. Players which have ban for steal in trade, or another steals we will still ignor, we will not unban stealers, we dont need these types of players.
On server spawned 25 little hidden Golden Scorpions - These creatures droping only golds 1000g-2000g
Warlock - increased all warlock pet HP 200-300k
Warlock - Imp damage of Firebolt increased +20%
Core fixes
Fixed small core crashes with Pets
Fixed pet action bar after reloading UI
Comunity forum
Security of registrations increased and fixed spam of fake logins.


Updates and changes in last 30days
- Server system updated to latest version, all apps on server updated too
- Core of game edited Antispam, fixed small mistakes, added new preventions of spam from another servers
- FORUM repaired section for register of new members, added new preventions vs. spambots and ads topics, repaired remember login function
- Removed requirement ,,Unique" on Arena Waist items
- Repaired hit chance of spells on players in PvP, chance for hit target by spells increased +20%
- Priest repaired Cooldown of Shadowform spell and try repair of bug Shadowform spell stuck
- Movement speed of all players and mounted speed increased +5%
- Rogue increased reduction of physical damage +5%, talent [Deadened Nerves] +5%
- Druid Moonkin Form increased reduction of physical damage +10%


Wow Chat app
New update Wow Chat app for Android and PC.

More info on our forum site here


- Spell druid lowered intelect -160 on full eq
- Spell druid added 6% physical reduction on Moonkin Form
- Spell shaman increased stamina +300 on full eq
- Spell shaman lowered intelect -210 on full eq
- Spell shaman lowered spell haste -20 on full eq
- Hunter lowered freeze effect duration of spell Freezing Trap from 9s to 6s same as other classes
- Spell Holy Shock (class Paladin) increased damage and heal +30%
- Rogue lowered effect level of stealth -3 (which have been increase on sets), this may fix problem of spell Perception and pvp between Rogue and Feral druid in stealth

Server fixes and changes
- P2 Entrance fixed Teleporter(removed stealth) and Spellbound npc(removed stealth)
- Auch Elemental weapons for shaman added to reclass function
- All creatures lowered spell damage -5%

New Wow Chat app for mobile
- for android users we have new application for log ingame only for chat with friend, you can use whisps, party and raid chats, guild chats, all ingame commands and chat with people on public channels or say etc.
- more info here forum section Manuals


Server core
- fixed 2 arena bugs, which can create bug, errors or crashes
- 1. fixed bug when join to arena que (now player must at first leave que and after can delete arena team)
- 2. fixed bug while players are in arena battle (now they must leave arena battle, if they want delete team)
- Function IsAtGroupRewardDistance - Fixed bug and added prevention of bugs(checking scripts)
- Function LeaveBg - Added prevention of some small bugs in battlegrounds
- Function RemoveFromWorld - Added 2 cleanup functions while player leave world
- Function Transformation (human<->worgen) - Added function of script effect and added bug preventions


GM Team changes
- return of GM Ennyss
- return of GM Clarke
- return of GM Deucallion
- return of GM Rigato
- return of GM Kloe
- new GM Strinousek
- new GM Rezzident
- GM Ennyss level up >> 3



[Combat Warp Slicer] - Edited stats
[Arena LUCKY Melee Box] + [Arena LUCKY Spell Box] - Random drops from arenas + New RARE items(chance for RARE items 0.05%)
[RARE Arena Melee Amulet] - New RARE drop from Arena Box
[RARE Arena Spell Amulet] - New RARE drop from Arena Box
[Top Arena Melee Haste Trinket] - New trinket for Arenas
[Top Arena Spell Haste Trinket] - New trinket for Arenas
Spells and Talents
[Mind-numbing poison] - change from -40% to -35% cast time
[Dirty Tricks] - Lowered from 25% to 20%
[Elusiveness] - Change from -60sec to -45sec
[Wrath of Cenarius] - Lowered -1%
Other changes
Spell Haste - lowered 5-20 on all class
Manager - GM logs per GM and Full GM log(easier finding of problematic gms)


Will be today at 23:59 of ServerTime(ingame command /time)
Arena flush will be manually at 23:00 - all arena teams will be restarted+server too.
ARENA FLUSH change from 48h to 24h
Arena points will stay on chars without changes.

End of next Arena Season will be 01.01.2018 :-)


- unbanned 17 IP bans
- unbanned 190 accounts (for cheats, arena bugs and other)
(bans for steals will not get unban - never unban)



- added new preventions in antispam and some small changes
- Gem [Rock of Ignoration +40 Spell Penetration +1000 Spell dmg] - fixed bug with 40 spell penetration for class hunter (now adding spell penetration for all class)
- [Bag of Garr] changed spell damage 1000 to 400attack power
- fixed haste on P7 and Arena Top items for class Rogue
Rare respawns
- Bosses Illidan, Mother, Dreamer, Moroes, Onyxia, Supremus, Diablo, Teron, Prince Malchezaar, Nexus-Prince and Yor lowered respawns of these bosses
Server core
- fixed exploit while logging ingame
- added bug fixes for creating groups ingame(player trying to invite himself)
- Serpent Sting edited from 2sec to 1sec/tick = 2x more damage
Web - Forum, Manager and other webs
- added new preventions and protective functions for avoid of any attacks on web server
- added firewall rules, preventions of attacks on scripts
- forum updated from version 3.1.3 to 3.2.0 + added new functions(topic preview,stopforumspam,ajax check, pass strength,obscure contact)


EVENT: CZ/SK Nejlepší WoW Vtip More info here


Poll about reduce respawn time of bosses where dropping RARE items - Vote here


- unbanned 24 IP bans
- unbanned 200+ accounts (for cheats, arena bugs and other)
(bans for steals will not get unban - never unban)


RARE Items
Rare items are the best on server.
Recently some players get new Rare drops, or buyed them from other lucky players.
There is list of top items, only some players have them.
Rare Players Psychofun

More informations about RARE items is HERE


Arena Spectator
- removed from game until we find crash of core, a lot of crashes have been by spectator
Bug fix
- enchant Frostbrand lowered damage, because spell dmg classes had higher dmg
Security fixes
- added preventions into moving of minces, limits and avoidance of bad symbols


EVENT: The Best Screen 2 More info here


Changes in GM team
New GMs:
GM Energies(level 3) - returned back
GM Pelleas(level 3) - returned back
Level Up:
GM Xardas - Level up >>3
GM Glacius - Level up >> 5
GM Ymmax - Level up >> 5
GM Okureczka - Level up >> 5
GM Endy - Level up >> 6


The Best Screen 2 - Rewards 60,40,20 Event Marks (Ending at 1.3.2017)
More info here


- update of antispam for vulgarity on public channels
- added new preventions for avoid of spam from another servers
- added automute for vulgarity on public channels + info about mute for GMs ingame >> lowered vulgarity on public channels
Server core
- Found bug in Nagrand map, fixed and removed some creatures for avoid of crashes of server.
- Fixed movement speed of comand .m speed (bug of update speed function in anticheat, repair only for GMs or players which get speed from GM)
- Battleground ressurection interval on Graveyards changed from 18sec to 15sec.
- Battleground Script Texts added to bosses in AV (fixed 25 errors of missing texts and Bosses will spam some words now :-D )
- Added Evade bug fix into server core for avoid of problems with creatures with evading
Druid Cyclone
- changed cast time -300ms from original speed(with haste 30-100ms faster cast time)
ACC/VIP Manager - Increased security of accounts, in section move of characters was small security fail, which shows registration email of account, now will be main part of email hidden by ***
Website registration - fix of problem with long email names (allowed more than 32 chars, now is limit 40)
New items
Xmas Gift - reward for Xmas Events
Drums of Battle, Drums of War - increased stats and values
Stormchops - added into Reagent Cooking vendor, increased stack to 50.
RARE XMAS Melee Amulet - reward from Xmas Gifts
RARE XMAS Spell Amulet - reward from Xmas Gifts
Class and race changes
Healt Points - added 400 stamina to all players
Intelect - lowere 600 intelect on all classes(because lowered all resistances)
Druid Prowl - changed speed -30% slow while stealthed to -20%, same change which get rogue some weeks back
Hunter - lowered ranged haste -2%.
Hunter spell penetration - fixed bug after reseting talents.
Hunter spell Arcane shot - lowered damage -5%
Mage sets - lowered sets P5,P6,P7,ArenaTop -210 intelect -10 spell haste
Mage gnome - racial Expansive Mind changed from +4% intelect to +2% intelect
Mage Frostbite - talent proc chance changed to 10% and duration from 5sec to 3sec
Shaman Enhancement - increased spell haste 84-90 on Battle Top,P5,P6,P7,Arena top
Tauren Endurance - racial spell Endurance changed -1% stamina
Warrior - Elemental 2h mace -1000 str, all 2H damage -2%
Other fixes
- Fixed Ultra Protector Trinket quest(now both sides have same requirements, required delete cache)
- Battle Top sets (balanced stats on 15 items)
- Maexna -40% physical damage


EVENT: Best PvP Video More info here
EVENT: Cool Dungeon Screenshot More info here


After unbanning again banning

Chera 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity hacks 2016-11-29 21:10:38
Komashon 30d AnticheatLog: AirJump hacks 2016-11-30 06:29:10
Asya 30d AnticheatLog: Wallclimb 2016-11-30 07:24:26
Warmer 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity + AirJump hacks 2016-11-30 07:56:41
Ecoute 30d AnticheatLog: AirJump Hacks 2016-11-30 18:50:44
Grimreaper 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity hacks 2016-12-04 10:20:55
Fkyou 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity Hacks 2016-12-05 08:19:57
Lavi 30d AnticheatLog: Lua_Patch hacks 2016-12-05 15:25:19
Tweat 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity hack 2016-12-08 15:37:19
Tornado 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity hacks 2016-12-08 19:18:51
Haaze 30d AnticheatLog: AirJump hack 2016-12-09 18:45:14
Bummix 30d AnticheatLog: Gravity hack 2016-12-10 00:01:15


Christmas is coming
- Unbanned 68 IP bans
-unbanned 253 accounts
- removed all bans, except ban reasons for stealing
New Items, Quests
- New Xmas Auch Anti Ele weapons for all players for 1 month from 1.12.2016 - 1.1.2017 (vendor Santa in shop zones)
- New Xmas Daily quests for Bravery mark from npc Santa
Core fixes and changes:
- min. contact range fix for gameobjects (for example traps)
- max Dodge changed to max 90% dodge chance, it will solve a lot of problems in pvp and pve
- pvs scan fixed core errors in 24 functions
- Threat bugs - threat can not be negative, added prevention to core
- Fix pet action bar after reloading UI
- fix player kicking (avoid of crashes, this function is function KickPlayer is used by gm commands, anticheats and another functions)
Class changes and fixes
- Warlock Voidwalker spell Sacrifice increased damage absorb +200%
- Warlock spell Inferno - Infernal damage increased, hp increased, armor increased, disabled removing of required Infernal Stone, duration of Infernal increased from 15sec to 30sec, increased haste from 2sec to 1sec/dmg
- Hunter spell Bestial Wrath - fixed imunity vs. stun effects from spells Intercept, Hamstring and Seduction
- Hunter spell Arcane shot - damage change -5%
- Warrior spell Rend - fixed not working last rank, increased damage by lowering of dmg tick from 3sec to 1,5sec/dmg
- All class resistance - lowered resistance 10-20 down for all players (removed resistances from all shirts, delete cache for visible shirts correctly)
Battleground changes and fixes
- Alterac Valley balanced HP, damage, levels, spells and other problems of main boss guards on both sides
- Alterac Valley - repaired bad factions on 2 guards (Icewing Marshall and Prospector Stonehewer)
Dungeon changes
MC Golemagg the Incinerator - lowered all resist -100 and level -20, this boss had a lot of resist
MC Shazzrah - lowered all resist -100 and level -20, this boss had a lot of resist


Fixes, updates and changes

Items, dungeons and drops
- added to drop new RARE Rings to Black Temple (Teron, Mother, Supremus)
- Onyxia added fixes and prevention for bugging boss into texture(ignoration of vmap Onyxia spells and other fixes)
- ingame command /dnd Text solved, now DND blocking messages correctly, on original emu thread devs have mistake(they mean that now it is bugged and messages may be received to player while DND state active)
Class changes
Shaman Ghost Wolf - return of spell back to originality, removed immunity versus movement impairing spells, this idea was interesting, but players choosen original spell, for more info about this return check our forum section Suggestions < Poll - Ghost Wolf
Rogue Envenom - after overpowered change, was required little lowering damage of that spell
Manager changes and news
- additionaly programmed trade/mail logs + added section for GM team (this is function for easier solving of steals and prevention of stealing items by trade/mail)
- GM log - fixed some problems and visibility issues of trade/mail logs for GM
- increased logs size in database(because increased ram +8gb, for that we can increase logs +7days more)
- fixed function for Morphing player pets, some hunter morphs was buggy, now working all fine
Anticheats and Antispam
- fixed bug of passive anticheat in arenas(sometimes was player ported 1-2yards back, only in Ruins of Lordaeon)
- update of Antispam and added some optimalizations
- Anticheat Warden added new checks which checking client side (anticheat reporting all detected cheats, kicking players and saving all into logs + sending reports to GM team, for last 2months is easy to find and detect cheaters)


Poll about imunities of Ghost Wolf spell on Shaman class - Vote here


Fixes, updates and changes

- again updated list of blocked words (still we must update antispam list, because new projects starting and trying spam our players)
- Added fix for teleport to BG or Arenas(prevention of bug while teleport into BG/Arena)
BG Alterac Valley
- Increased honors from Bosses and Towers in AV BattleGround (10x more honors, for example from 63 to 630honors)
Chat Flood
- mute from 60sec lowered to 20sec (antispam still add mute for 60sec)
GM mode
- fixed faction bug of GM mode, while GM move to another map (fix of crossfaction function, it will affect only Gamemasters)
- added spells for newly tamed pets, some pets not have any spell or only 1 or 2, another had 4, now will have all pets 3 or more spells(added spells for 250 types of pets)
Teleporter Spawner
- updated script for avoid add Teleporter into Arena(in BattleGround maps have been blocked, but Arena maps missings)
- change of item Combat Warp Slicer (increased damage), Elemental 2H Mace(anti, auch etc. little lowered damage)
Forum changes
- added Online Status of forum members
- added info Topic Author
- added info about IP adress, which created topic or post(visible only for Admins and Moderators)
- added 54 wow avatars, which you can add to your profile on forum from galery
- visual changes of forum (added avatars on last topic info and other small visual changes)
Web fixes and updates
- fixed bug in Armory (search of Arena Teams)
- updated website domain and subdomain headers (added 15 resolutions of icons for mobile platforms and another browsers, added meta tags for searchers and social websites, added some translations of main domain)
- increased security of websites + lowered traffic(lowered traffic and block of iframes for avoid of load our pages on another domains, added some prevent functions for security checks)


New Super Events
All required info about event is Here
Rewards Event Marks and PvP items

FORUM EVENT: Cool Dungeon Screenshot
All required info about event is Here
Rewards Event Marks and PvP items


Resist chances, talent changes and fixes

Talent changes (predominantly resist chances)
- warlock talent [Contagion] - lowered chance dispell of spells from 30% to 5%
- paladin talent [Stoicism] lowered from 30% to 5% - chance to resist spells of paladin spells
- paladin talent [Unyielding Faith] lowered from 30% to 5% - chance to resist spell of fear and disorient effects
- paladin fixed imunity of spell [Blessing of Freedom] vs. spells (Mage [Slow], [Frostbolt] slow, [Avengers Shield], [Curse of Exhaustion], [Frost Shock], [Thunder Clap])
- druid talent [Subtlety] lowered from 30% to 5% - chance resist of druid spells
- druid talent [Primal Tenacity] - stun resist chance and fear from 15% to 5%
- druid bug fixed - problem of interrupting cast time of spells [Wrath] and [Starfire] by spells as [Earth Shock] etc.
- shaman talent [Guardian Totems] - reduction of cd on spell [Grounding Totem] from -2s to -3,5s (GT cooldown from 11,5s to 10s)
- shaman [Ghost Wolf] fixed waterwalk, now will be waterfawl removed while active spell [Ghost Wolf]
- shaman [Ghost Wolf] added removing of movement impairing effects, same as druid spell [Travel Form]
- shaman talent [Call of Flame] increased from 25% to 45%, increased damage of fire totems
- shaman talent [Mental Quickness] -2% attack power to spell damage
- shaman talent [Weapon Mastery] from 32% to 30% - lowered damage of weapons
- shaman talent [Healing Grace] from 30% to 5% chance resist dispell of shaman spells
- shaman reduction of physical damage -4%
- shaman spell [Tremor Totem] improved to faster tick, from 3sec to 1sec/dispell
- mage talent [Wand Specialization] z 25% na 80% - navýšení damage s wand
- mage talent [Slow] from -28% will slow movement and cast time to -40%
- rogue talent [Improved Poisons] from 10% to 8% chance for apply of poisons
- rogue talent [Fleet Footed] from 10% to 5% chance resist of movement impairing spells
- rogue increased damage of all poisons +15%
- priest talent [Silent Resolve] from 20% to 5% resist of dispelling priest spells
- priest talent [Improved Mind Blast] increased - spell [Mind Blast] lowered cooldown -1sec
- priest - preventive block of spell [Lightwell rank 1] (it will not affect PvP, players have 2 3 and 4 rank), because we found some errors before crash of servers
- hunter talent [Surefooted] lowered from 15% to 5% chance resist of movement impairing spells
- hunter talent [Trap Mastery] increased chance from 10% to 40% for opponent ressist of hunter traps
- hunter fixed imunity of spell [Bestial Wrath] vs. spells (Mage [Slow], [Frostbolt] slow, [Avengers Shield], [Curse of Exhaustion], [Frost Shock], [Thunder Clap])
- warrior talent [Improved Rend] increased +20%
- warrior talent [Iron Will] lowered from 15% to 5% for resist of stuns and charm effects

- allowed chat in Spectator mode
VIP manager
- function rename fixed, now players can rename to name with 2 letters
- fixed small bug while end or leave of BG, fixed morph and faction on aliance side
- fixed some bugs, added some upgrades and new conditions for block of spam


Nové Sety, Itemy za eventy, opravy a novinky ve hře

Battle Top sety
- added new set for BattleGrounds, because nothing very good we dont have for Battles, Battle Top sets are lower than Arena Top :-)
Battle Top Paladin Retribution
Battle Top Paladin Holy
Battle Top Druid Spell
Battle Top Druid Feral
Battle Top Shaman Enhancement
Battle Top Shaman Spell
Battle Top Warrior
Battle Top Rogue
Battle Top Hunter
Battle Top Mage
Battle Top Priest
Battle Top Warlock

New Event Items
[Event Spell Neck - Level 2] - newly added into NPC Event Items Level 2
[Event Melee Neck - Level 2] - newly added into NPC Event Items Level 2

BattleGround fixes
- solve Warrior morph fix, sometimes warrior class dont had right morph, or bugged
- .demorph blocked in BattleGround or Arena
- [Defense Aura] in BG increased from 30% to 40% damage reduction on respawn

Server and Core fixes
- command /who returned update back for some exploits
- Core/Maps: Fix Spline problems
- Lowered stack dmg of Illidana Stormrage in Demon Form - it will add more time for kill, while Enrage(Demon Form) which is after 10min of killing
- Added translations for other countries on web

Crippling poison slow -30% changed to -60% chance apply from 30% to 20%


Changes and updates

- Autosave changed from 1min to 30sec. (now is not needed using command .save)
- command /who upgraded, added info about GM in who list, this is other way to check that character is GM :-)
- added 3 new rules for prevent of spam from another servers
BattleGround Queue System
- rescripted full BG Queue system for join to BG, and added checks for balance of BG
- upgraded requirements for start of BG -> better startup of BattleGrounds
BattleGround changes
- Battleground spells [Speed Buff] and [Restoration] are now as passive spells, not as debuff + fixed bug on these spells(they added for 1sec combat state, for example combat while get speed buff in shop), plus fix of potential bugs
- added counter of BG playercountrs while BG is active, for better balance of BG, if is more players in one team, other joining players will be sent to seccond team
Item updates
- P6,P7,Arena Top Gloves and Legs -1000 stamina on all class.
- fixed [BG Two-Hand Axe - Level 2] stamina 711 to 7110
Spell Druid
- lowered -60 spell haste and changed one talent, which is for lowering cast time of [Wrath] and [Starfire] spells (reason of these changes is, because spell druids get high change to ignore spellcast interrupt)
- [Blind], [Kidney Shot] and [Evasion] - updated one function, which is for checking Cooldown at server side, for avoid of bugs
- increased talent [Master Poisoneer]- Reduced chance to resist poisons increased from 20% to 80%, it will lower resisting of poisons
- increased talent [Vile Poisons] - spell [Envenom] may be increased by 15% of poison damage
- [Eviscerate] - talent [Improved Eviscerate] increased, damage will be increase +30%
- [Garotte] - increased damage, faster tick and damage, damage 6x more
- [Rupture] - increased damage 3x, faster damage tick from 1x/1,5s to 1x/0,5s
- rogue haste lowered -59 haste rating (on testing char changed from 0.59 to 0.62 attack speed)
- talent [Blazing Speed] chance changed from 10% to 5%, because we have high haste and this talent procing a lot


Changes and updates

- Spells [Arcane Intellect] and [Arcane Brilliance] increased from +1000 intelect to +2000 intelect
- Spells [Conjure Food] created by mage increased, originally was increased only two items, now are all increased for regen of HP and Mana(increased only highest ranks of that spells)
- Spell [Cloak of Shadows] increased +200 all resistance, while spell is activated
- Spells [Mark of the Wild] and [Gift of the Wild] changed, stats change from +2000 to +1300 (increase in last week was OP)
- added 70% spell interruption resistance for druid spells [Wrath rank 10] and [Starfire rank 8]
- Now all anticheats will show name of cheat, reporting cheaters in real time to all online GMs(in invisible mode too) and saving all cheats into log -> lowering count of cheaters and more banned accounts :-D
Item updates and news
- Item [Event Bag - Level 1] - fixed stats vs. [Event Bag - Level 2]
- New Item [RARE Town King Spell Boots] - newly added into drop from Horde and Aliance kings.
- New Item [RARE Town King Melee Boots] - newly added into drop from Horde and Aliance kings.
- New Item [RARE Bag of Sejra Plesnivec] - new item, which now dropping from boss Sejra Plesnivec in dungeon Magister Terrace.
- items [Lucky mining...] from profession fixed missing socket bonuses +40 stamina
VIP Reclass
- added 56 items for change in reclass function (Pala Retribution<->Holy, Shaman Enhancement<->Shaman Spell a Druid Feral<->Spell)
Game Core updates
- added new functions for future use (OnCreatureKill,OnPlayerKilledByCreature,OnLevelChanged,OnTalentsReset)
- fixed not working config function StartLevel
Realm Core
- login core for log into game added some fixes, fixed realm freeze, added checker which restart freezed process, added functions and preventions for cycle bugs and freeze bug (this problem was started repeatly in last 5 months 3x)


Night maintenance on server - COMPLETED

Server was offline for 1h15min (at 05:30-6:45 of server time) :-), now is all ok, all servers are online and working fine.
At night was completly restart of dedicated server, full reinstal of system, database reloaded and reinstalled, (about 16gb is actual size of Database), some small problems fixed, website server solved problem(error 403 and simmilar blocks), now will webserver communicate with legitimit traffic without problems.
Fixed growing size of database, all changes, removes, drops of databases was saved on disk, cant be deleted, for that size of DB on hdd growed (ever reload of testing or other changes consumed 2-5gb of disk space), yesterday we had last 300mb of space on hdd :-D. This problem is solved and config of mysql server changed, now this problem cant be again.
Next changes are cleaning, all old backups of database removed, only some choosen saved. Every day is still autobackup at 04:30 of server time, backup is copied on next 100gb hdd which is only for backup.
Changed HDD drives for 3x240GB SSD in hw raid -> faster speed of hdd and latency of disk drives.
Increased logging on game server and on PC traffic too, some people wants down us ;) (yesterday was 14 ddos attacks - 100mb/s - 5gb/s, average latency increase on players between 5-10ms, after 1-2mins was all ok, end of attack or mitigation of bad traffic).

Changes ingame

- Shaman Fire Elemental damage +10% and HP +200k
- Blade Edge Arena fixed 2 buggy places, added invisible objects to battle map.
- Fixing of corpse reclaim, now this fix rolled back, because i think that this fix added crashes of core(game server) in last days.



- unbanned 30 IP adressess and 63 account bans, for hacks, bugging arenas, other bugging, vulgarism and other(stealing will have ban forever)
- deleted 15 characters for bugging arenas(big bugging or repeatly bugging, or alt chars delete + arena team with all Arena points remove)


Changes and updates

Anticheat Warden
- filters of anticheat fixed and 1 new filter stopped for some tests
- fixed coding bugs and optimized code
Addon Mangadmin
- fixed bad commands in addon Mangadmin
- added some updates to chat filter
- cleaned up GM log, reduced logging of GM logs(some commands not needed to be written in GM log, for example ,,.server info")
Class Druid
- physical reduction increased +5%
- Mark of the Wild and Gift of the Wild increased actual stats of spells -> 3k armor, 2000 all stats and 25all resist
Class Shaman
Elementals - Increased damage +10%, All resist increased +70, increased Fire Elemental hp +300k
Fire Elemental spell Aura of Flames increased damag from 200 to 5000
Class Warlock
- all warlock pets increased resistance +10%


Next pack of updates and fixes

Anticheat Warden
- added next 20 filters from 19 to 39
- added warnings for online GMs, when player do abnormal movements(possible hacks)
- added info for online GMs, while cheater is detected and banned or kicked by anticheat
Anticheat GCD
- upgraded and optimalized -> improved spells latency
- db table optimalized -> lowered data size -70%(lower memory consumption)
- fixed problem on page, cleaned up log and increased readability for faster finding in log
Class Hunter
- Deterrence 100% dodge while activated, now this spell is usable in PvP(ignoring Expertise of opponents too)
Class Rogue
- Stealth increased movement speed(-30% speed changed to -20% while stealthed)
- Evasion 100% dodge while activated, now this spell is usable in PvP(ignoring Expertise of opponents too)
- Deadly Poison increased damage 4x and damage tick changed from 3sec to 1sec -> overall increase of damage is 12x
Class Warrior
- Talent Two-Handed weapon specialization little lowered(+30% dmg changed to +25% damage)
- Block chance lowered by -3%
- Zoo Regenerator 2 lowered strength -500

ResetCooldown when login
- Reset spell cooldowns, while player log into game upgraded, now will not reset cooldowns, if player only relog -> prevent of exploit in PvP
- fixed small bugs and typing errors(thank to player Hammerofpain)
- fixed bugs in GM administration


Server repairs, news and modifications
AntiPvP farming
- system against bugging PvP marks, added little changes and improvements
- added cleaning scripts to database -> data reduction in character database

Anticheat update
- in spectator mode allowed speed 3x, which have been sometimes marked as cheat

- updated list of blocked terms
- added other conditions to prevent spam, color chat and other chat bugs

- allowed chat in Spectator mode
- fixed bug of anticheat, sometimes player have been teleported back in Spectator mode

- added new morphs for Aliance, section of Gnome morphs
- added new morphs for Horde, section of Gnome morphs

Stats change
- lowered all resistances by 5 all resist
- Blood Elf lowered strength and intellect by -100 , because they have racial silence, it is advantage in PvP


will be added after restart, players found small bug + i will add some upgrades. Bug is fixed, but we dont need restarts over day :-)

News on ArenaSpectator
- now will be allowed join to battle as spectator before opening of gates(if all arena players will be in battle)
- removed GhostMode, better graphics and visibility(spectator will be invisible for arena players)
- speed for spectator in arena will be increased x3
- fixed bug at end of arena (speed, /who command etc.)
- Spectator will have blocked chat, /who command and all spells, for avoid creating problems in pvp battle


New on server
- ArenaSpectator - newly will be added NPC for showing battles in arena, players can in invisible mode, without any chat, combat, spells, can see battle in arena 2v2 or 3v3
- fixed bug of factins and morphs from morpher, and GM mode bugs with faction
- blocked command .modify gender male/female in BattleGrounds or Arenas(prevention of bugs)
- update of Antispam, added some new rules for prevent of spams from another projects


Crossfaction Battlegrounds
- Will be active now on server
- This function will balance team counts in battlegrounds from 10v2 to 6v6, ali player in horde team will be transformed to horde side only in that bg


- unbanned 30 IP adressess and 63 account bans, for hacks, bugging arenas, other bugging, vulgarism and other(stealing will have ban forever)


Super Event: Holliday in Azeroth
More info here


Core fixes and edits
- Fixed one bug which causing crash of core
- Fixed rogue spell Vanish not applying stealth
- Anticheat Warden: Fix a crash in Warden
- added some transmog items into transmog vendors


Updated antispam
deleted 30 players which bugging arenas


FORUM EVENT - Logo of Psychofun
Winning screen of player MEGASHAM:
Image here

1. place 50 EM and 2xP6 item for player Megasham
2. place 40 EM and 1xP6 item for player Astroxp
3. place 40 EM for player Baumaxx


New RARE items
- only for lucky killers, drop chance 0.03% from choosen bosses
- these items are the best on server

From Boss Illidan Stormrage (Black Temple):
RARE Illidan Melee Ring
RARE Illidan Spell Ring

From Boss Onyxia (Onyxia Lair):
RARE Melee Cloak of Onyxia
RARE Spell Cloak of Onyxia

From Boss Nexus-Prince Shaffar (Auchindoun - Mana Tombs):
RARE Spell Amulet of Shaffarian
RARE Melee Amulet of Shaffarian

From Boss Crazy Dreamer (Emerald Dream Forest):
RARE Spell Waist of Dreamer
RARE Melee Waist of Dreamer

From Boss Moroes (Karazhan):
RARE Melee Shirt of Moroes
RARE Spell Shirt of Moroes

From Boss Prince Malchezaar (Karazhan):
RARE Tabard of Malchezaar

From Boss Diablo (Lord of Terror):
RARE Melee Bracers of Diablo
RARE Spell Bracers of Diablo


Server changes
HP changes:
- P3 Dungeon Botanica and Zabijak - lowered HP of elites and bosses -30%
- P4 Quests - requirements reduced -30% (required delete of game cache)
- Black Temple - hp of elites lowered -25%
Stats changes:
- max dodge is set to 95%
- max block chance is set to 95%


New dungeon
- more info and ideas write here


Increasing HP to all players
- All bags increased +500 stamina (it is about +2000 stamina - 20-30k hp more)
- P4 items increased +200 Stamina/item - about 1k stamina to all P4 players P4(10-12k hp to all P4 players)


Super Event: Logo of Psychofun !
Event for best logo for Psychofun server
Everyone can use editors like Photoshop or other app.
On your created Logo must be text ,,PSYCHOFUN 2.4.3"
Do not forget add your signature with Character name, if you win, you will get EM on that character.

1. place>> 2xP6 Item for 1 character +50x[Event Mark]
2. place>> 1xP6 Item for 1 character +40x[Event Mark]
3. place>> 40x[Event Mark]
End of Event ===>>> 30.5 2016
Rewards at ====> 3.6 2016

More info here


Server changes
- Rogue - damage of poisons increased +30%
- Priest - lowered HP -1%
- KZ Prince Malchezaar - Lowered Hellfire nova damage -50%

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 97
  • Aliance: 14
  • Horde: 83
  • Uptime: 0d 3h 57m
  • Arena flush: 0d 11h 37m

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