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We give presents - Xmas Gifts for all
- We took more than 1000x Xmas Gifts to all players (Sended more than 18x) which have been at sending time online.

05-12 17:31
05-12 20:15
05-12 21:27
06-12 17:57
06-12 17:57
06-12 21:18
07-12 08:17
... This is log from some last days where we sended xmas gifts to all online players, times are prefered in time when is higher count of players online.


- unbanned more than 300 banned accounts
- removed all blocked IP addressess
- we took more than 500 Xmas Gifts and some Xmas necks, taken more than 200 Event marks only from today events
- We will in XMAS time took event marks and Gifts and some Xmas Elemental items :)


UNBANNING - Same as every year will be unbanned a lot of accounts, characters and IP addresses, stealers will be ignored in this unbanning
XMAS Weapons - In shop zone will be vendor Santa which will sell all best Xmas Elemental weapons (top weapons on server) for 1 month for free, for easier way to get better equip and balanced PvP
Events - Added some old and new GMs for more events over Xmas weeks and same as every Xmas time you can get some cool items from Xmas Events


- fixed psychofun forum, where was a lot of problems with links and redirectings, now working all fine
- optimized mysql database configuration, optimized timing of cron jobs and some scripts for reduce of impact loads
- added new function for secure of login ingame and added checking functions which will check if it is frozen (if will be frozen, server will restart login section)
- added 5 new GMs, for increase count of events
- VIP prices - Lowered all BT item prices from 4-3mince to 2-1 mince... bcs these items are not best and price was too high.
- Reclass in manager - added some fixes for paladin class and some items
- Priest shadow - added some spell penetration up for reduce ressist chances
- Mage polymorph spells - cast time from 1,8sec changed to 2,0sec, it will slow this cast on full equip characters about for 50-ms
- Groups - fixed some crashes and bugs in groups/party/raids




or who used domain, nothing needs to change



Unbans of IP addresses
Unbanned 126 IP addresses from banlist. Players can log back to game, but account bans will be still active.


- CrossBG edited count of players and balancing teamcounts in BG, added more checks for better calculate
- Fixed bug of spell cast while stuned/feared etc.
- Fixed bug of autoattack after fear and simillar spells
- Frostband Weapon reduced -30% damage
- reduced little spell damage
- increased spell haste +40 - +50 on P2-P4 items
- reduced spell haste -50 on P5 and better gears
- Tremor,Stoneskin and Windwall Totems changed cooldown for cast from 2sec to 5sec (for reduce spam of this spell in pvp)
- Stoneskin and Windwall totems lowered -20% reduction
- Enha shaman increased damage +5%
- reduced spell haste -30 on P5 and better gears
- reduced little spell damage, P5+ items lowered intelect (on full eq char reduced intelect max. -30)
- Chill effects reduced duration -0,5sec
- Lowered damage -3% on Fireball, Frostbolt and Pyroblast spells
- returned spell Reckoning with only 2x extra attack and only 5% proc. chance
- reduced 2H Weapon damage -3%
- reduced 1H Weapon damage -3%
- reduced strength -2000 on retribution paladins P5 and better gear
- added prevention on Intimidating shout (fear) - now damage will break this fear
- all warlock pets increased stamina +20%
- all warlock pets increased intelect +15%
- Imp damage, Shield and Blood Pact increased +30%
- spell Health Funnel increased heal +100%
- talent Celestial Focus chance from 15% for stun lowered to 10% to stun players by Starfire
- on website removed function for get Skype status(actually not supported by microsoft, which is new owner of skype...)
- website protection increased, reduced spam of robots and other browsing spams, it may reduce latency and performance consuming by webserver
- edited passive anticheat for some preventions of bugs
- added new preventions for avoid of spam on facebook pages and ingame
- edited MTU from 1500 to 500 (server will work with smaller packets) it will increase loading speed of webpages +5% but lower latency ingame :-) edited networking and reduced latency of network
- item Gold Pack deleted Quest Abyssal Crest for getting golds for free, removed from drop in npc Jindo Hexxer and Bloodlord Mandokir where was 99% drop chance and very low hp of npc
- item Combat Warp Slicer reduced strength and damage
- added SELL Event Cloak spell level 2 and melee for 75xEM
- reduced haste -4 on all bags (4xbag = -16 spell, melee and ranged haste)
- Ali+Horde kings increased dmg of auras, added some guards + added berseker for bosses out of their circle place


Server changes
Players voted for new shop zone on our forum, winning place is our the best old Desolace city.
We moved all offline players and their homebinds to shop zone in Desolace.
Benefits in new shop
- Opened race change transfer from Aliance to Horde side, which have been blocked for a long time, because separate fractions in 2 cities must be balanced, now are both sides in one city
- For opened race change have been edited some PvP zones, for example Gurubashi arena (normally can horde attack horde player only in Battle ring in Gurubashi), now can attack everyone in place near of circle too
- Because all players are in one shop, we had to change Aliance and Horde kings and Transmogrification
- Spawned about 5O new Winter Dwarfs for quests in shop and out of shop city Desolace
- Kraken have been moved out of city into sea
- NEW creature in sea dropping 2-4 Illidary Marks named Hammerhead Shark and spawned some Piranha
Aliance and Horde Kings
- Kings and their guards moved to NEW dungeon Hellfire Ramparts
- Drops have been edited for ali and horde side in one raid, now players can attack both bosses and drop only items for their mixed fraction
- Ultra Quests from Kings moved to Questgiver named King Kong in Desolace
- Bravery Quests from Kings (Bravery 12-14) moved to object ,,blue crystal" named Bravery Quests which taking all other Bravery Quests in shopzone
- Crown Quests from Kings moved to NEW Questgiver named Preceptor of Kings which stay in front of Ramparts dungeon
- Created NEW Transmogrification Zone only for some time, in future we will move Transmog zone to nicer place
- To Transmog zone you can teleport by teleporter using Teleporter>Crazy Zones>Transmogrification zone
Class changes
Shaman - Talent Lighting Overload lowered chance from 15% to 12% for extra dmg
Shaman - Intelect lowered -100 on all totems.
Druid - Changed Entangling roots to 6sec stun, damage tick change from 1x/3sec changed to 1x/2sec
Druid - Reduced spell damage -3% on Starfire and other damage spells
Druid - Reduced healing -3% for balance of PvP
Another changes
- Lord Kazzak moved to P2 dungeons in teleporter, changed some item names from his drop
- Fixed some bad names of creatures and NPCs
- Fixed 2 crashes of server (guid overflow and another problems in database)
- Changed unstuck function in VIP manager, now will teleport players to Desolace shops

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 24
  • Aliance: 7
  • Horde: 17
  • Uptime: 1d 7h 13m
  • Arena flush: 0d 1h 41m

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