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WoW TBC PsychoFun Repack HD mode version 2.0

TORRENT HERE: WoW 2.4.3 PsychoFun HD 2.0.torrent
News in HD mode
- added new textures and anims of mounts
- added new textures and anims of druid shapeshift forms
- added new textures and anims of Warlock pets, some spells and mounts

Novinky a změny
- Hunter - Arcane Shot lowered -30% dmg.
- Rogue - Envenom lowered -30% dmg.
- Core changes - fixes some freezing bugs and cosmetic fails
- Antivulgar - fixed some bugs, added new preventions and optimized script for reduce performance impacts
- Passive Anticheat - Edited some limits for avoid bugs in some places in bg,dungeons and arenas.
- Reclass Item function - Added 40 missing items and some RARE items for reclass function.


WoW TBC PsychoFun Repack HD mode
- Repack created for our players, you can download and extract, after you can play
- In this repack are added patches with edited client for run with design from Legion and other patches
- In mode are edited: Character visuals, creatures, npcs, HD textures of maps and objects, FOV same as on higher WoW patches.
- Links for download:
- Uloz.to: Part 1 and Part 2 (You can download both parts at one time without premium)

TORRENT HERE: WoW 2.4.3 PsychoFun HD.torrent

Fix FPS - For fix of fps need delete WoW/WTF/Config.wtf - It will reset graphics settings and set optimal settings for your PC.
If someone cant run that with WoW HD.exe try download this starting app Startup file


All arena teams have been deleted, now all teams will start from rating 1500
Arena points will stay on chars without changes.
All accounts, IP addresses and characters which have ban for arena bugging have been UNBANNED

End of next Arena Season will be 01.01.2020 :-)


We give presents - Xmas Gifts for all
- We took more than 1000x Xmas Gifts to all players (Sended more than 18x) which have been at sending time online.

05-12 17:31
05-12 20:15
05-12 21:27
06-12 17:57
06-12 17:57
06-12 21:18
07-12 08:17
... This is log from some last days where we sended xmas gifts to all online players, times are prefered in time when is higher count of players online.


- unbanned more than 300 banned accounts
- removed all blocked IP addressess
- we took more than 500 Xmas Gifts and some Xmas necks, taken more than 200 Event marks only from today events
- We will in XMAS time took event marks and Gifts and some Xmas Elemental items :)


UNBANNING - Same as every year will be unbanned a lot of accounts, characters and IP addresses, stealers will be ignored in this unbanning
XMAS Weapons - In shop zone will be vendor Santa which will sell all best Xmas Elemental weapons (top weapons on server) for 1 month for free, for easier way to get better equip and balanced PvP
Events - Added some old and new GMs for more events over Xmas weeks and same as every Xmas time you can get some cool items from Xmas Events


- fixed psychofun forum, where was a lot of problems with links and redirectings, now working all fine
- optimized mysql database configuration, optimized timing of cron jobs and some scripts for reduce of impact loads
- added new function for secure of login ingame and added checking functions which will check if it is frozen (if will be frozen, server will restart login section)
- added 5 new GMs, for increase count of events
- VIP prices - Lowered all BT item prices from 4-3mince to 2-1 mince... bcs these items are not best and price was too high.
- Reclass in manager - added some fixes for paladin class and some items
- Priest shadow - added some spell penetration up for reduce ressist chances
- Mage polymorph spells - cast time from 1,8sec changed to 2,0sec, it will slow this cast on full equip characters about for 50-ms
- Groups - fixed some crashes and bugs in groups/party/raids




or who used domain, nothing needs to change


Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 6
  • Aliance: 3
  • Horde: 3
  • Uptime: 0d 21h 34m
  • Arena flush: 0d 13h 36m

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