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PsychoFun 2.4.3 - Wow server

Super Event: Logo of Psychofun !
Event for best logo for Psychofun server
Everyone can use editors like Photoshop or other app.
On your created Logo must be text ,,PSYCHOFUN 2.4.3"
Do not forget add your signature with Character name, if you win, you will get EM on that character.

1. place>> Full P6 Set for 1 character +60x[Event Mark]
2. place>> 2x P6 Item for 1 character +40x[Event Mark]
3. place>> 1x P6 +30x[Event Mark]
End of Event ===>>> 30.5 2016
Rewards at ====> 3.6 2016

More info here


Server changes
- Rogue - damage of poisons increased +30%
- Priest - lowered HP -1%
- KZ Prince Malchezaar - Lowered Hellfire nova damage -50%


Rewards for Event: The Best Screenshot
1. place >> 70 EM FIMMY
2. place >>50 EM UKNOWABLE
3. place >> 20 EM THEODORE

And 6 EM for other players :-) >>

Xes Robitusin Killerrby Maxidruid Mirio Splachovadlo Ratinger Mcmoo Getwirm Evilblood Celissa Awesomka Colonka Tarhaj Saphiria Shadowswords Yeezyx Roosevelt Snobby Tirrala Possession Jasasmin Daco Quertys Mistika Evell Limetka Badassgirl Amperik Ikman Baumaxx


Today we unbanned 46 IPs, which had ban for cheats, trying hacks, spamming ads and other.


Black Temple
- added missing socket bonus to 9 BT items


We started New FORUM Events
More info about events is HERE


Server updates
- Increased network security, added firewall rules to network interfaces before server, for avoid of last attacks on server
- Edited network communication between players and server for lowering of latency(about 1-3ms better)
- Antispam - updated and added new rules for avoid of spammers from other servers :-)
- Lowered Event Melee Trinket ( vs. other trinkets this item was very overpowered with stats)
- Increased strength +200/bag => +800 Strength to all players
- Mage - Lowered intellect -100 on helms, lowered little bit mana regeneration while mage is in combat(because of mana shield)
- Hunter - lowered ranged haste -30


Server changes and news
- edited anticheat, added function for prevent of hacking stealth in combat
- for vip players added payment method over paysafecards
- changed GM team, about 5 GMs kicked and added new 6 GMs


End of Xmas Time
Xmas weapons have been removed from game and from all players bags :-)


XMAS Rewards
- All players ingame at 09:50 received 10xEvent Mark + 1000gold
Player Terence wins Xmas Ele Neck :-)



64 IP adresses unbanned
496 Accounts unbanned
Unban was for accounts which have ban for vulgarism, arena bugging, pvp bugging, dungeon and other bugs, ninjaloots, cheaters with hacks, accounts with ban for steal will be still banned forever


Event Transmog winners
1. Kannibal 15xEM
2. Urbis 13xEM
3. Yeezyx 10xEM
More info at Facebook page here


NEW Arena Sets: Arena TOP Sets
PsychoFun 2.4.3 Arena TOP sets

Arena TOP Mage
Arena TOP Spell Shaman and Arena TOP Enha Shaman
Arena TOP Warlock
Arena TOP Paladin Holy and Arena TOP Paladin Retribution
Arena TOP Warrior
Arena TOP Feral Druid and Arena TOP Spell Druid
Arena TOP Rogue
Arena TOP Priest
Arena TOP Hunter
- visual of sets can be changed by npc Transmogrification, who dont want these visuals :-)
- requirements for buy of these items are written in item description, Arena TOP Vendor is spawned near Arena Joiners
(Items have been created by player Jasasmin) - Thank you for this work :-)


Updates and changes
- exping zone, removed not usable drops, removed bad quest from inkeeper at start and added some drops to leveling creatures (potions etc.)
- P2 dungeon added drop of [Badge of Justice] and [Mark of the Illidary] from elites and bossess + added P2 Weapon vendor to dungeons
- Healing Potions increased, now their heal will be 2x stronger
- newbie items were increased their stats
- all rings from Black Temple increased armor and block value by 100-150
- block value of all class reduced by 150-300 and block chance -1%
- fixed small visual bugs of vip manager
- Combat Magician Blade - fixed spell damage bonus +7000 spell damage
- Rogue spells - Garrote, Backstab and Rupture increased damage
- Hunter spells - Wyvern sting from 12sec to 9sec, Freezing trap from 15sec to 9sec
- Aliance shop - changed jump for Elune buff
- P2 Lochneska - to dropu of boss Lochneska added P2 waists(drops are here)
(Required delete cache for visual changes)


Change for easier way to get items
Removed Ultimate quests, items moved to drops of boss Psycho Lord Kazzak, Psycho Quest number 1. changed for required kill 1x Lord Kazzak(required delete cache for correction of quest text)


Rewards from event Super Drawn Picture more info HERE on forum


New Played Point stats
Increase Resilience +35 for 25k points
Increase ALL Stats +50 for30k points


Update of Addons

Updated addon DIF (Display ID Fixer) for download newest version is Here
- fixed visibility of items with symbol ,,?" in bars, in trade, fixed spellbook and other

Updated addon ItemRack for download newest version is Here
- fixed using of custom items


FORUM EVENT: Promotion Video for Psychofun Server
Biggest rewards P6 Sets and other items and rewards for players which will not win !!!
All required info is Here
Event ends at 30.11.2015


Unbanned 30 IP bans for stealing, hacks and other stuff older than two weeks

Class and PvP changes
Hunter - added 40 spell penetration, lowered dmg of hunter spell arcane shot -5%
Warrior - Mace stun shortened from 3sec to 2sec
Block Value - all melee class lowered block value -400
Ultra/Elemental/Xmas necks lowered intel and strength

Web changes
VIP Manager - added logs of account password recovery for GMs and players.
VIP Manager - fix of bad urls in manager
On TBC web added new function for manual changing of language to CZ/ENG

New arena items
New arena bag Top Arena Bag - price 2200 rating,1500 arena points and 9000gold
New arena trinkets Top Arena Melee Trinket and Top Arena Spell Trinket - price 2050 rating and 1125 arena points
New Broken Arena Bracers - Wizards(spell) and Warlords(melee) for price 3750 arena points
New Damaged Arena Bracers - Wizards(spell) and Warlords(melee) for price 3750 arena points and required arena rating 1850


- fixed groups and raids, players may be still in group, after relog
- fixed permissions of raids, now assistant cant kick raid leader
- fixed some bugs of Warlock spell Ritual of Summoning
- new item from Illidan Stormrage Illidans Tanker Ring
- fixed bug of pets, when pet is killed by yourself


FORUM EVENT - CZ/SK Nejlepší WoW vtip
More info about winners here


Unbanned 97 IP adressess, players have new chance for playing there (proxy adressess are still blocked)


Core - fixed visibility of offline players which used alt+f4 in group
Added AntiPvP Farming function which logging pvp and contacting GM for possible honor or pvp mark bugers :-)
Added new function after log into game - when player logs into game, he will get 100% hp, mana and reset of all spell cooldowns same as Duel
VIP manager - Warlock Pet Morhping -> Added 2 new morphs for Felguards
VIP manager - added some security functions and added more logs and comments on logs for faster and easier way to solve player problems
Super Gems - these gems was lowered -30%, because of balancing pvp
Hopsa 4 - added new hopsa jump for Hopsa Quests
Server - at night about 05:00 was restarted completely server computer, updated system and system aps


FORUM EVENT: Only for CZ/SK players
All required info is Here


Rewards from Forum Event: Groups Top Screen
All required info about screens and rewards is HERE


Updated addon DIF (Display ID Fixer) for download new version Here
- fixed right click for equip of item
- fixed visibility of items in bank
- fixed correct visibility of bag icons


Night Guards - into cities will be every day spawned guards which will protect players and Kings from attacks, because at night is low population in shops and it is easy way to attack. For this reason will be every day at 00:00-09:00 added some guards
Trinket of Stacking healer - fixed a increased heal 5x6000
Bosses - Boss Onyxia and Prince Malchezaar gets new script, for prevention of crashes server and bugs of bosses
Shaman - spell/melee damage edited -2% +increased damage reduction
VIP Manager
- update of database checks for faster loading pages and lowering database usage (30-50ms faster browsing in manager)
- RaceChange function is new function for changing race of character (from aliance to horde is not allowed, because is low population of aliance)
Gameobjects - fixed bug of respawning game objects, fixed bug on object Circle of Calling, which is used on a lot of jumps ( bugged spell removed, prevention of player bugs ) Přidáno do příkazu .demorph a morpher demorph odebrání 4 visual spellů, pro rušení morphů, které hráči nechtějí
Tabards - P1,P2,P3,P4,Demolation,Arena,Tuned,Super,Finals and Guild tabards increased (required delete cache for visible changes)
Pets - dead pets on login cannot move, fixed
Morpher - added White Worgen Morphs (for aliance side)
Demorph příkaz - updated command for removing some morph spells
Quests - fixed about 10 fails in texts reported by players :) Thank you
Visibility - fix after log ingame or teleport to new map


Shop Guards - Horde and Aliance shop guards added drop 5-50gold and 50% chance for drop 5-30 Mark of the Illidari
Bags - lowered haste -5/bag, increased resilience 5-20 on most of bags
Stormrage Signet Ring - Lowered haste -12 and on his mixed rings
New Quest - Ultra Protectorfrom King for Aliance and Horde, reward is Ultra Top-Protector Trinket
Psycho Quests for P5 - Simplified requirements for quests, for easier way to get P5
- added antispam of ingame slash commands
- update of antispam (added about 30 preventions of spam other servers, people still creating their own servers and spaming us :-D)
- added about 1000 proxy adreses to firewall (avoid of attacks and spamers on our server)
- added function of multithread on map updater
- added 2 functions for cleaning database, lowering of big database
VIP Manager:
- Reclass - New function for class Druid, Paladin and Shaman, players now can change their equipped items from spell to melee or over section SHOP>Character>Reclass
- New SMS Gates - Opened new sms gates for countries Austria, Chile, Columbia, Poland, Spain and Turkey
- Edited design for other countries SMS payments, better visual with their flags


Upload screens into forum section GROUPS TOP SCREEN
All required informatons are in forum section.
Event ends at 31.May

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 90
  • Aliance: 60
  • Horde: 30
  • Uptime: 2d 13h 50m
  • Arena flush: 0d 0h 50m

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