Improvement of VIP items
V.I.P. Sets can be sold for golds ( 500gold / item). Because after some time, you can get better items and VIP set is unwanted.
[VIP Teleport] can be sold after expiration of all teleports for 250gold.


Or download it here realmlist.wtf

File realmlist.wtf - move it into folder Wow, where is wow.exe(you will replace old realmlist by this new)


Because hosting is every day under attacks and yesterday was attack on our server. We cant exist with this problems. We will change hosting and better PC.

Old PC: VPS 4x1,7Ghz procesor(shared cpus), 16gb ram, 1x80gb SSDhdd, 100mb/s net
New PC under new hosting: Dedicated 4x3,4Ghz 32gb ram, 3x120gb SSD disk, 250mb/s net + AntiDDOS

New PC was payed for 12months and after weekend i will work on new server. All info about new realmlist will be spammed, nobody lost characters or items, only moving on new PC :-)


BG sets increased
- added about 200 stamina/item
- added on most of items +40 intellect
- resistances increased on all bg items +4 all resist

Removed Quest on ELementals Ticket, it can create problems or losing of this ticket(while abandon), this Quest we not using. :-)


Big updates and changes (required delete of CACHE)
Molten Core changes:
- MC Chest Token - old required items 1-8(Lunacy) cards was changed >> now token dropping from boss Lucifron in dungeon Molten Core
- New Quest: ULTRA MC Boots- required 500x[PvP Marka], 1x[Lunacy Token for Ultra Boots], 1x[Hopsa Molten Footers] >> Reward: Ultra MC Boots
- Lunacy Cards - completation of these cards >> required for Quest: ULTRA MC Boots
- Boss changes - lowered melee damage about 20-50%, because was fixed and added new spells and added descriptions for better orientation in dungeon

- color change of item names changed - MC items and some BG items
- Karazhan - Moroes, Attumen, Nightbane >> Lowered melee damage 20-60%
- Stacking of items - Zabijak Kill Item(10), Magic Dust(50), Chocolate Square(50), Elixir of Water Walking(50), Elixir of Water Breathing(50), Mark of Bravery(250)

Super Gems - edited description and names of Super Gems and added Color info into name of gems
PsychoFun 2.4.3 gems

NEW Sets: P7 FUN Sets
PsychoFun 2.4.3 P7 sets

New NPC: P7 Funny Eye - 5xQuest/class here
P7 Mage
P7 Spell Shaman and P7 Enha Shaman
P7 Warlock
P7 Paladin Holy and P7 Paladin Retribution
P7 Warrior
P7 Feral Druid and P7 Spell Druid
P7 Rogue
P7 Priest
P7 Hunter
- visual of sets can be changed by npc Transmogrification, who dont want these visuals :-)
New info: !! INFO P7 Quests !! - here is info how to get P7 required items.


Edits and Fixes
- Combat duration lowered to 5,5sec from original 6sec, here is higher haste of all spells, better is shorten this time and for faster game
- fixed pet autocast spells
- lowered melee damage of all bosses in Molten Core dungeon


Anticheat Improvements
Improved some checks, and fixed 2 bugs, which spoiling game to normal players without cheats.


Bosses Editations
- about 70% of all bosses changed, added more spells and bug fixes


New arena Item Combat Feral Mace in Arena Vendor

New bonus stats for played points(permanent stats):
Increase Stamina +40 => for 2000 points
Increase Strength +40 => for 2000 points
Increase Intellect +20 => for 2000 points


All IP addresses are tonight at 20:00 unlocked account bans remaining.


!! Warning for all players !!
At last time i found 5 stealed accounts and emails and all info was from server Mawalgar (theri eventers and admins using their account database)
Who played, or have registration on game portal manius.eu (mawalgar server) - Please, change your passwords ingame and change passwords of your emails (if it is same as ingame pass)

Ingame command: .acc pass oldpass newpass newpass


Stats Increasing
- increased intellect, strenght, resists and other on BT, P4 and Lucky items

- Manager optimalized and speedup of browsing sections in manager (edited and optimalised mysql scripts)


Battleground Changes and Edits
- resspawn = faster ressurecting of players from 30 to 18sec
- battleground preparation changed from 2min. to 1min 30sec
- buffs in BG = all now working, respawn of buffs changed from 180sec to 60sec
- in Eye of Storms lowered range for capturing towers, this fixed bug capturing under hill
- in Arathi Basin fixed bug with infinitive combat
- in Alterac Valley lowered damage guardians of main Bosses and their respawn time increased to 10min

Change of Stats
- for balancing of PvP was increased stamina on 70% of BT Items and all items from Kentaur(Arena) sets(about 0-40k hp more hp for players with this equip levels)
- increased stats on BG waists BG Slayer(s)
- increased stamina on Killer BG sets Killer BG Sets
- increased stamina on P4 sets (about 1k stamina on all items, it is about 40-60k hp more)

New Quest Bravery
Bravery 10 : Winter Dwarfs (daily) - reward 1x [Mark of Bravery] for kill 60x Winter Dwarfs in Shop Zone

Added change from Ultra Tabard for Guild Ultra Tabard


NEW Items and Quests
Quest => ULTRA Tabard Part 1/2
Quest => ULTRA Tabard Part 2/2
Item => ULTRA Tabard

Item => P3 Melee Waist - drop from High Inquisitor Whitemane(P3 Dungeons)
Item => P3 Spell Waist - drop from High Inquisitor Whitemane(P3 Dungeons)


Battleground Fixes and Fun Edits
Restoration Buff - healing object, repaired (now healing 800k hp in 10sec, 40k/0,5sec)

Eye of Storms:
- increased starting place(pink buble)
- increased speed of capturing towers (4x faster)
- Added Defensive Aura on main respawn of Horde and Alliance

Arathi Basin:
- Added Defensive Aura on main respawn of Horde and Alliance


Battleground Joiners Changing
Every day will be different battleground. This will change only WSG playing.G
Info about next day will be added ingame too. Info which inform you about next BG Day :-)


Forest Trader
- this new vendor can exchange your items [Siska] for [Kura ze Stromu], you can find him in zone Lord of The Rings

Kraken - knockout spell was shortened, now his kicking out of him is playable


New Boss - Kraken
100% = 25-50 Mark of the Illidary
2% = Krakens Magic
2% = Krakens Crusher
New Quest: Bravery 10 : Kraken (daily)

Server opravy
- fix of linking Ultra questd to chat
- lowering of latency and network traffic(blocked spam from some addons, about 10x spam/min by invisible whisps)


Server fixes
Anticheat - passive anticheat fixed bug, while removing slow fall auras while falling
NPC Akama - Akama attacked by boss Illidan is fixed, now Akama cant be attacked


New P4 Rings from dungeon Krabator:
P4 Melee Ring
P4 Spell Ring


Anticheat - Added new features of anticheat Warden, added more checks and detections(passive anticheat not changed).
Fixing and cleanups of core.
Optimized settings of mysql and cleanups in database.


Server fixes
Chat(whisp) when changing map, fixed.
Spell fixes(channeled spells fixed, now cant cast channeled spells while moving)


Server Fixes
Black Temple - boss Essence with Council, fixed, problem was on auras of boss Essence, these auras attacked on Akama, and Council follows Akama
Warrior - sometimes freeze stances, bug of changing stances
Items - Socket bonus 70 AP - fixed and changed to 72 AP, it was bugged and AP was more than 70, someone can see lowered dmg little bit by this fix
Mage - Added new polymorphs(Pig and Turtle) to Mage trainer


Server Fixes
Arena join fix - with fear join to arena sometimes players falling under map, now this is fixed
Fix of problem in immunities when again stunned, feared etc.
Druid spell Cyclone - fixed bug with Divine Shield and Ice Block spell, in Cyclone cant be casted Divine Shield and Ice Block
Anticheat - fixed small bugs which limiting player movements


Server fixes
1) Fixed enchants on off-hand items (shields,books,lucerns etc.)
2) Fixed class Mage - spell penetration on items small bug.
3) Shaman returned talent for extra damage, with this talent was lowered spell damage of Shaman(only spell dmg)
4) Psychohead - fixed 2 things which causing lagging of database :-)


!!! NEW REALMLIST !!! - required for play on server
For download click HERE(right click and save)
In folder Wow realmlist.wtf (open this file in text editor, for example in notepad and text change to >>


With last problems of server, we will after some days move all data to seccond, newer and better PC. For players, they will must change realmlist ip adress only :), all info how to change IP adress of realmlist will be on website, after all data move.


Black Temple
Boss Illidan Stormrage edited and some bugs fixed.

Antispam - some updates added

Added some functions for prevent of dos attacks.


Anticheat updates:
Added new function of anti speedhack and some changes of anti-fly hack, for avoid of standing in air, while leave of fly mount in flying(now will by falling down).


Added new Tabard to NPC Banker in shop zone for removing tabard design using transmog, for better visual of sets.

Server status
  • World server: ONLINE!
  • Login server: ONLINE!
  • Online players: 198
  • Aliance: 99
  • Horde: 99
  • Uptime: 0d 18h 26m
  • Arena flush: 0d 19h 10m

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